Winter – Yuck!

kinnon —  December 9, 2005 — 2 Comments

Snowyglenholme-2I wandered out to the vehicle a little later this morning, stepping outside to a rather rude surprise. Oddly enough, Toronto doesn’t normally get a lot of snow in the winter. We are on the proper side of the Lake to not get lake effect snow.

Torontolakeontario-2The winds come from the north, pick up the moisture from Lake Ontario and dump it on upstate New York. How sad…for them. But the storm that wreaked havoc on Chicago yesterday, still had some moisture left in it for us. The joys of living in this climate. The temperature’s just above 0ºC (32ºF) today – so the snow is wet and melting. But it’s going to be -6ºC tomorrow, with more flurries. Let’s all break out with: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….”

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2 responses to Winter – Yuck!

  1. -6C…, how cold. Isn’t that like springtime back in Manitoba? Last year at this time, wouldn’t you have been happy for -6? How quickly we forget! But then again, we do have the “dry” cold!


  2. Terry,
    As Imbi just said, it’s all a matter of perspective, eh. And maybe with global warming or is that cooling, we’ll get some “dry cold” here to. (BTW your point last month on climate change was well supported by a book I just read. Your facts were much better supported than my news bite wisdom.)


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