Yah, But We’re A Lot Nicer

kinnon —  December 15, 2005 — Leave a comment

The CanWest News Service (National Post on-line) reports on a Frazier institute study of Canadian Charitable Giving:

The organization calculates that if Canadians were as generous as Americans, then Canadian charities would have $8-billion a year more to help the needy.

Let’s see how easy it is for us to look down our noses at our American cousins with this:

The most striking finding, however, is the dramatic difference in charitable giving between Canada and the United States, it said, noting in terms of the depth, Americans donate 1.57% of their aggregate income, more than double the 0.7% Canadians donate.

Perhaps this would explain Paul Martin’s unwillingness to live up to the AIDS/Development commitment he’d made to Bono as mentioned here. PMPM was just following the lead of the Canadian public.

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