2006 – Annus Mirabilis, perchance?

kinnon —  January 1, 2006 — Leave a comment

Toronto is covered with a fresh layer of white, this New Year’s day. The rhythmic sounds of snow shovels echo in the street. It’s early afternoon yet my family is still asleep. Imbi recovering from our movie marathon (and a horrible cold) – the kids from a night at friends.

Last year’s extra second was wasted on Imbi and I, as we missed the New Year completely, engrossed in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A movie I agreed to watch because I love my wife (and after we’d watched National Treasure together). I did not expect to enjoy it. I did.

Sisterhood seems somehow appropriate, in retrospect. The story of life’s pain, joy and growth in the lives of four friends – of good, bad and unexpected events – and of lives infused with hope.

I am not sorry to see the end of 2005. It was (to quote the Queen from a number of year’s ago) annus horribilis for the Kinnon family. A year of challenges, pain and dashed expectations. A year of wrestling with our own frailties and of those whose lives dramatically impacted our own. It would be easy to write it off as a wasted year – but I don’t believe it was.

In the last few days (and I now know not where) I read of a boy who saw a caterpillar wrestling within a cocoon. In compassion, the boy freed it – his act of mercy, the very thing that brought its death. Without wrestling, the caterpillar could not become a butterfly.

Imbi’s and my sense is that this year of wrestling and struggle, as hard and painful as it has been, is part of our own metamorphosis. That God is in the midst of it with us.

Our hope is that this newly born 2006 portends an annus mirabilis – a year of wonders. Not a year of perfection – of health, wealth and happiness. But rather a full bandwidth year – a year to experience the fullness of life with family, friends and new friends – here in Toronto, in the U.S., the U.K. and our beloved Africa.

I enter 2006 with a sense of expectation. I look forward to the journey and the pleasure of sharing it with you. And I pray it will be a year of wonders for you, as well.

God’s richest blessings on you all,

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