A Question of Leadership for “Toronto the Good” and Canada

kinnon —  January 2, 2006 — 2 Comments

Originally published yesterday @ achievable leadership.

I have waited to comment on the events of the past week in my city. I love Toronto. It has been my home for most of the past 30 years – one I left briefly over a year ago, and returned to in the heat of this past summer. It is a large city – close to 3 million people in the city proper and over 6 million in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is a city that has had a surprising reputation as safe and hospitable, in spite of its size. Where you could walk a downtown street in the wee hours of the morning without fear. That reputation is in tatters.

Jane Creba’s death was horrific, unnecessary and profoundly sad. A Toronto child of promise – whose life was cut short by hopeless young men trained to believe that immediate gratification of their basest desires was their due. Do they mourn the death they caused? Do they even know how?

As awful as this beautiful young woman’s death was, it is only one of many hand gun related deaths and injuries in my fair city. A horrible statistic that demands a response.

Pundits on the right speak of law and order. They are not wrong. Pundits on the left speak of disenfranchised youth. Neither are they.

Before Jane’s death, our esteemed Prime Minister vowed to ban handguns. The Liberals have had such immense success with our National Gun Registry, after all. With the death of this beautiful, blond haired child (the same age as my own daughter), the PM is now enraged – speaking law and order. But what of Shaquan Cadougan, a four-year old severely wounded in a drive by this summer, Mr. Prime Minister. Or Clayton Howard, the 24 year old youth worker shot dead two years ago – the day after you became Prime Minister. Where was your outrage then?

You have championed the trivial while ignoring the very leadership needed in this dysfunctional country. (I’m sorry, same sex marriage is trivial in comparison to the lives being lost in Toronto and other cities to gang related crime.) You blame the U.S. for our violence. How incredibly convenient – and amazingly stupid. Americans aren’t killing Canadian youth, Mr. Prime Minister. Canadians are.

Your government has blithely wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on the National Gun Registry – promoting the "Nanny State" that only doctrinaire socialists believe works. It doesn’t!

At this point in the life of this young country called Canada, there is a need for real leadership. Mr. Martin is not that leader. This man, rich beyond measure, has desperately sought his present post for decades. To what end, sir. You will be but a sorry footnote in the history of this country. A country with incredible potential – not yet realized.

UPDATE: Read the Cynics Unlimited Post.

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2 responses to A Question of Leadership for “Toronto the Good” and Canada

  1. Agreed, although the Canadian people must also share in the blame since only recently has there been an overwhelming outcry to attack the issue of gun violence. Moving forward, ALL Canadians must work together on a plan that involves both harsh punishment for the existing generation of gangsters and social programs to prevent the next generation from producting any gangsters. Only this way can Toronto retain its “good” title. Cooperation seems to be happening among the parents of the victims so it is a start.

  2. aaaahhhhh…..politicians…….
    how convenient their outrage is…
    If we weren’t in the middle of a campaign would any one of them think twice about this girls death?
    Just asking


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