Blatch on Laureen (Mrs. Prime Minister)

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Let me confess up front. Christie Blatchford is my favourite newspaper columnist, period. I was a National Post reader when she could be found in the Post and I on-line subscribe to the Globe because she can be found there. She’s funny, self-deprecatingly brilliant, poignant, insightful and very, very real. When I can, I catch her moments with Ted Woloshyn on CFRB after 8:15 most weekday mornings. I am a fan.

Blatch has a great column in this morning’s Globe on Laureen Teskey, Stephen Harper’s wife:

In 2002, when I worked for the National Post and was driving with photographer Kevin Van Paassen (he worked for the Post then, too, but has since moved to The Globe and Mail) across the United States for the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I wrote about the pleasures of the road trip made in the company of men.

Out of the blue, a day or two later, I got an e-mail from Ms. Teskey: She was driving from the couple’s home in Calgary to Ottawa with her brother and her son, and she offered her riff on the fun of travelling with boys. The note was warm, articulate and smart. So, it turns out, is she.

In fact, in the lingo men sometimes use to describe a woman they like and admire, Ms. Teskey is a pistol — she has a big ready laugh, a self-deprecating wit and a kind and open heart.

Blatch paints a picture of a warm, intelligent, loving woman…a woman who embodies the strengths and desires of the Canadian middle class. I look forward to getting to know her and her husband, the shy man who has become our Prime Minister.

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