CES – Live (or almost) in Las Vegas

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I’m back in my hotel after a day on the show floor(s) at CES. Man, are my feet tired – as is the rest of my body. I can’t begin to process all the things I saw, but the image that stands out amongst many is the crowd overflowing the aisles at the Slingbox booth.

SlingSling has solved the problem for all those travelling TV addicts who don’t want to miss their favourite shows when they’re on the road – played over the internet from their home set top boxes to their laptops (or other computers). (Imagine me being in Las Vegas and watching the output of my cable box in Toronto on my computer here in the hotel in Vegas.) What’s even cooler is that you can control your PVR over IP and watch what you’ve recorded on it (remember it’s at home) while you’re anywhere in the world that you have a broadband connection.

The Sling compression codec is quite incredible – the picture quality is very, very good. And Sling is just one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of companies at CES who are finding new ways to deliver moving visual content anywhere.

One of the highlights of my day, however, was not consumer electronics related. In one of the aisles at the Sands Convention Centre (CES is so big it occupies the Las Vegas Convention Centre, the Sands and a number of other venues), I turned around and saw one of my nieces walking by. She’s the Australian Sales Manager for a US technology company and I knew she was at the show. But the odds of stumbling across her in a sea of 200,000+ conference attendees is not high. I haven’t seen Pilvi in about eight years, and I was very excited to see her. (I think I hugged her about eight times – the poor woman.) I’d already been at the booth of her company, but they didn’t know when she’d be there – and as I only found out she was in Las Vegas the day before I left, I hadn’t had the chance to set something up. Seeing her made my day.

I’ll right more tomorrow evening about my show thoughts.

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