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kinnon —  January 23, 2006 — Leave a comment

The fate of the free world rests on today’s Canadian election. If the Liberals aren’t re-elected tonight, we can expect Armageddon to commence tomorrow. We hope you have lots of bottled water and crackers stored up. Oh, and some peanut butter (all natural, of course) would be good, too.

The Liberal Super-Fantastic Hyperbole Machine™ has been working overtime in these past couple of weeks. PMPM has approached a zenith in its usage appearing to suggest that if Canadians, whilst taking a moment away from their “beer and popcorn™“, actually elect a Conservative government, life will be over for the Canada we’ve known and loved. (AKA: The Personal Playground and Free-Loan Liberal Bank of Canada™.) And, as Canada is the corner stone of Western Democracy, the end of the world is nigh. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Unfortunately for PMPM et al, the day chosen for the election (considered to be the most depressing day in the year) should have dawned cold, snowy and, well, depressing. Instead, the day has awakened bright and sunny in Toronto – and reasonably mild for a Canadian Winter day in the entire country. (Bad weather in an election is normally considered to be favourable for the incumbents.) Perhaps the One who controls the weather is helping Canadians get out and vote. To that end: GET OUT and VOTE. (Or as the Democrats like to practice: Vote Early and Often! – That’s a joke, OK.) And let’s give the tired old Liberal Party the rest they really need – for at least four years, shall we.

We’ll be off shortly to vote, ourselves.

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