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Everybody wants to sell us video. Soon you’ll be standing at a traffic light (robot for some of you English speaking folk) and the Walk/Don’t Walk sign will offer you episodes of COPS to download to your Dick Tracy watch. But just before that happens, Google wants you to visit their Video Store and purchase your favorite episodes of the Brady Bunch, Charlie Rose, CSi & Survivor.

More Moonbeam Les Moonves of CBS, is very excited by his new relationship with the Google Mothership:

Thank you, Larry. It is truly great to be here and be part of this amazing presentation. Google and CBS. CBS and Google. Who would ever have thought those two brands would be together on the same stage at the same time? It’s pretty amazing. One, CBS, is the most established name in traditional media. The other, Google, is writing new media history every single day. And yet today’s unprecedented coming together of these two great names is, in a way, what our media universe is all about: the marriage of content with new ways of getting that content where it matters to people. CBS and Google, we’re each number one in what we do. Each of us needs the other to take the next leap forward.

Perhaps the store could be called the Amazing GooBS Store. It rather reminds me of one of the dollar stores that permeate the lesser streets of my fair city. No design aesthetic, poor or no information and a haphazard sense to the layout. Compared to the Apple iTunes store…well…there’s no comparison. See for yourself below. As Ashlee Vance in her Register article, Google and CBS Release Embarrassment of Video Store, puts it, I know Apple, and you’re no Apple. [digg]

UPDATE: It should be noted that as of January 10th, iTunes has sold 8,000,000 videos. They began selling videos just three months before that. 8 million videos at $1.99. And the videos are only 320 by 240 – or equivalent to VHS quality when played back full screen on a standard definition television.


You also should be careful with the videos you purchase from Google. Make sure they’ll play back in more than just the Google Viewer. Some purchasers have been bitten by video that won’t play on their Video iPod or other portable devices.

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