How to Win Friends and Influence Liberal People

kinnon —  January 3, 2006 — 1 Comment

Michael Geist has been following the musical travels of Parliamentary Secretary of Canadian Heritage, Ms. Sam Bulte. Now one wouldn’t want to suggest that Ms. Bulte was in the back pocket of the Rights Management crowd, but her riding association certainly has been receiving significant income from that illustrious gathering:

What makes the thousands of dollars raised from these groups particularly noteworthy is that Bulte’s riding association was the only one to receive such contributions. In other words, at a time when the publishing, music, movie, and photographer industries and collectives were concerned with copyright reform, they chose to provide campaign contributions to just one Member of Parliament – Sam Bulte (or at least only one chose to accept such contributions).

While I have no doubt that the contributions were lawful, I would only re-iterate the point I made in my original post on this issue. At a time when public cynicism about politicians is at an all-time high and millions of Canadians, particularly those concerned with education, security, consumer rights, privacy, and the Internet, are focused on balanced copyright reform, the acceptance of these campaign contributions sends the worst possible message.


Maybe Sam’s just a huge fan of Margo Timmons, loves this particular song, and wants to help her buddy out – after all Ms. Timmins says on Sam’s site:

“If there is a true friend of the artists, it is Sam Bulte. She has an unmatched appreciation for what it means to be an artist. Her advocacy for our cause is unrivaled” – Margo Timmins, Lead Singer, Cowboy Junkies

Never mind that Ms. Timmins’ husband is Graham Henderson, President of the Canadian Recording Industry Association – who represents such artists as Sony/BMG, Universal Music et al

Or perhaps Ms. Bulte thought we Canadians wouldn’t even notice, munching away on our popcorn and a’drinkin’ our beers – listenin’ to this new Liberal anthem.

AFTERTHOUGHT: To understand the sandbox Ms. Bulte is playing in go here and read about WIPO.
2nd AFTERTHOUGHT: And if you want to understand the heart of CRIA and their US counterpart, RIAA read this
GROKLAW post on Coldplay and DRM.

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One response to How to Win Friends and Influence Liberal People

  1. I wrote this morning about one particular angle of this story that has me concerned – Bulte’s defence of her actions on the basis that these lobbyists are her ‘friends’. Outwardly, she seems to have lost her objectivity – perhaps it’s been obscured by all of the starry lights.


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