Mommy! That Liberal Said a Bad Word!

kinnon —  January 11, 2006 — 2 Comments

It really doesn’t seem to matter what satire one might write about the Libs – they out do you with their reality. (Former?) CBC Reporter, Susan Murray, a strategist for the Libs, lost her reporter’s detachment on Don Newman’s Politics show. NDP voice, Brad Lavigne was in the middle of commenting on the Libs 12 years of broken promises when Ms. Murray exclaimed, “That’s bulls..t”.

Lavigne’s response is priceless – he just raises his eyebrows and continues. Watch the video here. (Requires Realplayer – only CBC would go with a dying media player.) As Bourque suggests, watch it from the 20 minute to 23 minute point.

PaulconductorThen join Paul as he conducts a rousing chorus of:

The wheels on the bus
Are falling off, falling off, falling off
The wheels on the bus
Are falling off, all around the town”

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2 responses to Mommy! That Liberal Said a Bad Word!

  1. The perfect scenario would have Peter Mansbridge running for PM with Don Newman becoming Foreign Affairs minister.

  2. That way we’d still have PMPM – but the problem is, Don Newman has no lips. How can you have a Foreign Affairs Minister with no lips?

    Love your blog, Mark. The Yodelling Hamster has got to be the funniest name for a blog I’ve seen. (And, hey, my post house cut 65 episodes of the Hammy Hamster show, Once Upon a Hamster – I consider myself somewhat of a Hamster expert.) Yodel on, brother!


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