Red-Eye Flights and Incessant Talkers

kinnon —  January 10, 2006 — 2 Comments

My flight left Lost Wages at 11:45 pm last night – heading home to Toronto through the late night skies. My hope was to grab three hours of sleep – the flight was under four hours. That hope was dashed by the incessant talking of the man directly behind me.

He was very excited to learn his seat mate was in the same area of consumer products as him, announced loudly that he never slept on planes and then expanded at great length on how he developed his products and the kind of money he was making from them. I’m sure it was all very interesting…for him. (The man’s wife wisely sat across the aisle from him and was able to fall asleep)

After about an hour of this, my irritation overcame my Canadian niceness, and I asked him to respect my desire for sleep – along with that of the other two people in my row and the ten rows of people who could hear his voice. He quickly shut up and promptly fell asleep – so much for his previous assertion. I, of course, couldn’t get comfortable and finally fell asleep about 45 minutes before we landed.

I’m a little tired, today – but I will be commenting later on the MacWorld announcements from Steve Jobs et al, and on the Canadian Election Leadership debate last night. (I read the live blog from the comment crew on Andrew Coyne’s site, while in Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport. They provide WiFi access free of charge. Viva Las Vegas!)

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2 responses to Red-Eye Flights and Incessant Talkers

  1. Last time I flew, the person next to me sat with headpones on, watching the tiny TV on the back of the seat and talked out-loud (to the TV?) while watching…very odd. I usually read on the plane, and it was virtually impossible.

  2. The fellow two seats over from me couldn’t sleep with the talking, and then found when he went to read his book, he read the same page over and over – because of the noise.


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