The Robust Lady Prepares to Enthrall

kinnon —  January 14, 2006 — Leave a comment

I can just faintly hear the sound. A Mezzo Soprano warming up. “Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. Mu, mu, mu, mu, mu, mu mu, mu mu…” In the distance I see this robust woman standing straight, preparing to sing out. (I would never be so crude as to say, “The Fat Lady Sings”, now would I.)

This election isn’t over yet, but it would certainly appear to be heading there for the Natural Governing Party. The Libs will pull out the stops this week (an odd pipe organ metaphor) with, I predict, much the same success they experienced this past week. See my previous post. (At least the Libs haven’t lost this key support group.)

Recognizing the reality, the Globe and Mail came out for Stephen Harper in an Editorial this morning – qualified support, indeed, but support all the same.

Change is essential in a democracy. A perpetual lease on 24 Sussex Drive fuels the sense of entitlement that blurs the line between private gain and public good. Just as bad, a perpetual lease on Stornoway discourages the discipline and moderation required of an alternative government. Without a vibrant, continuing competition for power, a democracy runs the risk of degenerating into hegemony on the governing side and unreality on the opposition side. Both parties need to believe they can win elections — and lose them.

The Toronto Star, that Liberal echo chamber, parrots the desperate Libs talking points in it’s editorial, Canada Would Be A Different Nation. Gee, isn’t that the point. A nation where the politics of entitlement takes a long break. A nation where there is more than one section in the choir – the centre-left have had their time soloing – let’s hear from a wider spectrum of the Canadian political choir, shall we.

In nine days, the Canadian public will join with the robust lady as she sings us into a new government – a possible majority, a more likely minority – but new all the same. It is a good thing.

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