They’re down, but they’re not out… yet

kinnon —  January 5, 2006 — Leave a comment

Bourque opines that it’s time to Stick a Fork in the Libs, They’re Done.

Get out the four-pronged eating implement, the party’s over for Paul Martin and his Liberal Party. Bourque has learned that a cancerous malaise has infiltrated the highest echelons of his braintrust, a leadership increasingly desperate to gain traction in the waning weeks of the campaign. Senior Martin Libs are privately telling Bourque that “the game is over”. Not even “mega-billion dollar policy Hail Maries”, as one lifer put it, is buying goodwill from an increasingly cynical electorate.

But the only way to take out these vampire Libs will be with a stake through the heart – they’ve be down before and come back. Harper and Layton need to keep pressing forward. The candidates can’t relax. A lot can change in a couple of weeks.

Liberal Warren Kinsella, no fan of the Martin crew, comments yesterday on the failings of the fabled Liberal war room:

As someone who has run a few war rooms over the past 13 years, and as someone who allegedly knows a little about what goes on in ’em, the Conservative war room is so superior to its Liberal equivalent, it isn’t even debatable anymore. Even the NDP war room – which, to be fair to the Dippers, oversees a series of regional electoral battles, but not a true national war – is doing better. On all of the key war room indicators – speed, accuracy, volume, resulting media coverage – the Grit effort is pitiful.

Polls indicate that the Conservatives have momentum. Pundits are predicting Martin’s demise. But we aren’t there yet. We can be momentarily excited that the end may be in sight for this present incarnation of the Libs, but I live in fear of waking up the day after the election to another Liberal minority. Press on!

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