Blackhawks on the Border

kinnon —  February 4, 2006 — Leave a comment

Jordon Cooper links to and comments on this news story.

The United States will be using Blackhawk helicopters and planes along the Montana border with Alberta and Saskatchewan to watch for terrorists, drug-runners and illegal immigrants.

Channeling Rick Mercer, Jordon comments.

Among the threatening things the American military will be looking for being smuggled in from Saskatchewan. Hockey sticks, curling stones, poutine , toques, snow, Wendy, coyotes, “eh?”‘s, cast from the Royal Canadian Air Farce, John Deere tractors, weak rural coffee, Clark Gillies, and universal medicare.

Actually Jordo, I understand their need to keep poutine out of the States. Those gravy-slathered, cheese-curded fries should’ve been locked inside the borders of l’etat de Quebec.

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