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kinnon —  February 15, 2006 — 1 Comment

FreemindI’m a lover of Mind Mapping Software, having used the Axon Idea Processor on a PC for many years. Since last spring, I’ve used NovaMind on my PowerBook for writing, TV projects, some of my more complex blog posts, etc. NovaMind is incredibly robust, with lots of options. (I’ve written about it here.)

This morning, I stumbled across a free Mind Mapping program called FreeMind that runs in Java. It’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I’ve downloaded it and am very impressed with how good it is – and also how inexpensive – did I mention it’s FREE.

Check it out. [HT: Reddit]

FreeMind is a free software, licenced under GPL – GNU General Public License

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  1. Free Mind is great, a really good tool.
    Another one to look at is CMap, since it allows collaborative editing if you publish to a CMAP server. More than just a linear mindmapper, it allows you to build “clouds” of ideas, to collapse and expand them and so on. Rather than linking ideas, it allows you to link concepts with linking words, which allows sentences to be built from the map itself. I use it instead of powerpoint (loved your “death of powerpoint” post, btw. Had me going and cheering for a while!) all the imte.


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