Garth Turner – Not Tilting @ Windmills

kinnon —  February 10, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’ve made my own points on the Emerson/Harper et al issue(s) earlier in the week. And came down on the side of the PM and Vancouver-Kingsway MP. But I have to admit how impressed I am with Halton MP Garth Turner. Turner is an intelligent man, who probably thought with his background, he’d find a place in cabinet.

I don’t think his response to Emerson was sour grapes. In fact, I think it took (and takes) courage to hold the position he did on this issue. And as he says, "I think it is now safe to say my career options within the Conservative caucus are seriously limited. If you would like a course on how not to be popular in Ottawa, then take a seat."

Read Turner’s Blog. Specifically these posts here, here and here. And know that my own position on this issue is no longer as strongly held.

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