It’s Ugly, and It’s From Apple

kinnon —  February 28, 2006 — 3 Comments

Home Stereo. Reinvented.” I don’t think so, Stevie J.

SounddockI’m listening to Steely Dan cranked on my Bose SoundDock – specifically the live version of Aja, as I write this. The music is wonderful – from a small but powerful package. (And before you question my ears, I’ve owned plenty of audiophile equipment – as well as owning a recording studio with my dear wife. I have reasonably good ears.) The iPod HiFi leaves me wondering “why bother?”

Early web reviews suggest the iPHF sounds good. One would suggest it should for $349USD. But did I mention, it’s ugly. And big, in comparison to the SoundDock.

I can hear the conversation now:

Me: Imbi, can we put this butt-ugly white brick in our living room so we can listen to our iPod sticking out of the top of it.

Imbi: (complete silence – accompanied by “that look”)

Good luck, Stevie J.

And George, I’m sorry I recommended you buy Apple options yesterday. But hey, you’re welcome to listen to the Dan with me on my SoundDock, anytime.

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3 responses to It’s Ugly, and It’s From Apple

  1. HA! Hey, at least they have that pretty leather case! What innovation!

  2. Yeah, If I was going to have a big brick, I would at least get a more fashonable brick from the guys at link to That is if they ever release those things.

  3. Jim,
    the Geneva line looks very cool – but it’s still huge. My problem with the iPHF is that the iPod looks tacked on to a dumb box. iPHF only (note that iPHF is phonetically IF) Steve and the boys had put a little more design sense into the design. But hey, every great batter strikes out now and again. And Apple will probably sell a gazillion of them anyway. We MacHeads are addicts, after all.


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