John Roberts (aka the New Music’s JD Roberts) heads to CNN

kinnon —  February 1, 2006 — 1 Comment

Johnorjdroberts-1I’ve often found it hard to take John Roberts seriously as CBS’ Washington correspondence. Perhaps it is because I remember him best as host of CityTV’s The New Music – where he was a wide-eyed music aficionado, seemingly in love with the musicians he was interviewing.

Continuing in his music-lovedness, JD was also one of the first two hosts of Canada’s answer to MTV, Much Music. (JD worked with many friends of mine at City, and I had the pleasure of his company a couple of times. He was a warm, engaging individual.)

Roberts has left CBS after 16 years to become Senior Correspondent for CNN. This would appear to be an interesting career move with CNN’s ratings slipping further behind those of its primary competitor FoxNews. And I find it rather odd that his early career spent in Canadian TV gets no mention in his announcement.

When I was a wide-eyed kid, learning the ropes at a 5 thousand watt radio station in the middle of nowhere, never in my most elaborate dreams did I imagine I would become a member of the CBS family. Just to have played a modest part in the history of this grand institution is an incredible reward.

I’d tell you I was writing this “from the middle of nowhere” but I’m actually not in Toronto today – I’m in the Steelers crazy town of Pittsburgh, where I wish John J.D. Roberts all the best in his career move. And if CNN doesn’t work out, I’m sure there’s always room for JD back in the CityTV family of stations.

[HT: Nealenews] [JD photo shamelessly stolen from Brent Colbert]

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