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kinnon —  February 8, 2006 — Leave a comment

In the better late than never category, I was reminded by one of great friends that I made no comments about this past Sunday’s events in Detroit. Let me say right up front that I missed the opening ceremonies altogether. I would have loved to hear Stevie Wonder and it would have been great to hear Aretha blow the roof off the venue. I was sorry to hear that Aaron Neville had intonation issues.

Stones And now a comment about the Big Event itself. I felt the Rolling Stones were a very poor choice for the half-time show. As impressive as 62 year old, strut-master extraordinaire Mick Jagger was, would it not have been possible to find a group a little more, I dare say, relevant. As Mick himself noted as the geezers began Satisfaction, "We could have played this number at Super Bowl I." All that being said, their stage was impressive and the fans seemed excited. (Perhaps they were paid.)

Apparently the team from Pittsburgh won the sporting event that took place that afternoon. I love Pittsburgh. It’s one of my favorite cities on the planet. I’m very happy for them that their team won. It couldn’t have happened to better people. And all I have to say is "Go Penguins, Go!"

Now are you happy, George! <Grin>

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