Microsoft End User Agreement

kinnon —  February 25, 2006 — 2 Comments

According to the Scoble bunny, Edelman and Fortune both rank Microsoft in the top 10 most trusted companies. Edelman says that MSFT is the most trusted Global company. (BTW – the bunny does recommend you read Mini to hear discordant internal MSFT voices.)

Perhaps people haven’t read this Microsoft End User Agreement. [HT: Jordon Cooper]

In my humble opinion, Microsoft is the best company in the world in terms of its bloggers – and that gives me hope for the continuing industry-leading success of the company even if I agree with Gilmour’s take on Office Live/Dead. However, if CES is any indication, Microsoft will become the dominant player in content delivery – as the networks wither. (This assertion is subject to Jobs not releasing category-killing home entertainment 40″ screens with built-in iMacs – coupled to IPTV iTunes delivery of HD this coming Tuesday.)

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2 responses to Microsoft End User Agreement

  1. Microsoft will always shoot itself in the foot. I certainly don’t trust them as they continue to lie and arm-twist governments. Their EULAs show they don’t want users to be in control: link to


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