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kinnon —  February 28, 2006 — 3 Comments

I felt it was time to update the banner image to more accurately reflect my locale, the beautiful city by the lake, Toronto. The image is from iStockphoto and the 3D text from the Zaxwerks Invigorator Plug-In in After Effects – all put together in Photoshop CS2.

I’ve also done a little blog “freshening” and updated my About Page.

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

3 responses to New Blog Banner

  1. Bill, where on this skyline is your business loft?

    What a beautiful city! Great banner.

  2. Michael,
    Our loft is to the far right and about two kilometers back. We have our own fabulous view of the city from our rooftop. Thanks for the props.

  3. Love the banner.


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