Now This is What I Call…

kinnon —  February 10, 2006 — 2 Comments

Blenza performance appraisal. Of management.

‘Twould have been perfect if today was Boss’s Day. Read the post @ Make It Great from Phil.

I love the card attached to the top – "Friends of Blenz" with an added "?"

Blenz is a franchised chain of coffee stores – that began in the most beautiful city in Canada – Vancouver. I wonder if this meme will become part of their management manual.

I’m not sure that "the any PR is good PR" line will apply to this story. And it will be interesting to see how far and wide this meme goes.

Perhaps Hallmark should come up with a new card series – firing the Boss.

I await the web interviews with Jorge, Paisley, Hyun and Stewart.

And if you’d like to use an un-named, unsigned version yourselves – download this.

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2 responses to Now This is What I Call…

    But I am a boss!!!!!

  2. Yah might want to keep track of your windows, then. BMG (Big Moose GRIN)

    Nah, soulpastor, I think you’re pretty safe – but certain other folk in your profession and your neck of the woods might, indeed.

    Anonny from Moose Factory, eh

    Oh, and BTW. There aren’t too many woods in your neck of them…


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