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kinnon —  February 18, 2006 — 2 Comments

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for quite a while and it has gotten the better of me in the last few days. I’ll be back up with posts tomorrow.

As an aside, my post on “Microsoft Abandons PowerPoint” has received a lot of traffic thanks to Presentation Zen and the good folks at Church Sound Check. For those who might be somewhat confused on the veracity of the post – it was humour (or humor for you Americans). Brought on by having attended a wonderful church recently, where the PowerPoint left a little to be desired. PowerPoint is alive and well (even if people are being made sick by some folk who are using it.)

I’ve just created an iWeb site at my .Mac account for the work that Imbi and I did with Daystar University in Kenya earlier this millenium. (We plan on returning to teach at Daystar later this year – but more on that later.)

I’m somewhat impressed with iWeb – but do like the ease of site creation for .Mac. Check out the site here. The QT files are quite large – so you’ll need good bandwidth (or a lot of time) to download the files. The videos were created by the students who took our DV video production course in 2001 and 2002. (I’ll be creating smaller sized files in Sorenson Squeeze tonight and replacing the present large files in the next couple of days.)

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  1. I shared the Microsoft Abandons PowerPoint with the folks I work with at REL (www.relonline.com). They got a kick out of it.

    Sometimes it is good to be afflicted – or so I have read.

    I really enjoy your postings and am amazed at how much you are involved with and working on.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Hey Bill, hope you feel better soon! I loved your powerpoint story. I run powerpoint in Promiseland every third week and I’ve seen my fair share of gratuitous animation, bad font choices, poor grammar, etc. My favorite Powerpoint misstep is white shading behind white words – nothing like seeing double first thing on a Sunday morning!


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