Skateless “Joe Jackson”

kinnon —  February 9, 2006 — Leave a comment

"Say it ain’t so, Joe" was the refrain heard throughout the U.S. nation when Shoeless Joe Jackson was accused* of fixing the World Series in 1919.  Canadians are echoing the refrain today as Wayne Gretsky is accused of knowing about the illegal gambling ring his wife participated in – something he has vehemently denied, but wiretaps seem to indicate otherwise.

The Great One is a Canadian hero. If he was truly involved with this gambling tale, then Canadians will have to accept that his blades supported feet of clay. Say it ain’t so, Wayne!

*Many historians believe Jackson was falsely accused.

ASIDE: One of my favorite songs from the 70’s was Murray Head’s "Say It Ain’t So, Joe." It’s how I remembered the Shoeless story. Click on the above hyperlink to hear it. Murray Head was Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

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