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kinnon —  February 27, 2006 — Leave a comment

Keller-1Tim Keller is hero to a lot of friends of mine. An unassuming hero at that. The New York Times featured a story on Keller this weekend which our friend, Dee, reminded me about this evening. It’s hard to imagine any pastor in America growing a church to 4,400 attendees without their own church building. While helping 50 other churches start in the city – from a lot of different denominations. (TRs must be pulling out their hair.)

Steve McCoy has some great Keller posts here and here. Steve points to a Keller response to the NYT article here.

I originally read the Keller article yesterday as a result of the good folk at BHT.

UPDATE: Read Ed Brenegar’s take on Tim Keller’s ministry.

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