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kinnon —  February 26, 2006 — Leave a comment

For years I joked that TTC stood for “Take The Car” rather than Toronto Transit Commission. And not because we have a terrible transit system in the best city in the world™. It’s actually rather good. It was just fun to mess with their initials. But apparently, the TTC has no sense of humour and I may yet receive a TTC lawyer’s missive to remove this post. As a creative Toronto blogger experienced this past week.

Robotjohnny created a hilarious anagram map of our subway system. (Note the link is to a cached Google page of RJ’s original post. UPDATE: Which now features a cached page from Feb 14 rather than the later dated page originally linked. Did the tentacles of the TTC extend to Google?) Bay became Yab. YongeBloor became Only Booger. Davisville became Valid Elvis. Using the familiar TTC subway map that is etched upon the brain of every Torontian, the fair Robot created an affectionate and humourous take on said map. The Ministerial Mavens of the Saintly TTC were not amused.

The TTC has not granted, and expressly denies, permission to you or the Website to reproduce or otherwise use TTC intellectual property in whole or in part. The TTC hereby demands that you immediately cease and desist from using TTC intellectual property on the Website, failing which the TTC will take appropriate legal actions without further notice to you.

So he desistedly ceased displaying his creative mashup. And created his own version of the map – avoiding TTC’s copyright interests. The Bitter Way, indeed.


Perhaps Robotjohnny’s fear was that the TTC might win their case and in punishment, force him to ride the St.Clair Streetcar line daily.

Toronto-raised Cory Doctorow has a great comment at Boing Boing. HT Rob Hyndman with his own good take, as usual.

PS – You might want to avoid getting off at the Only Booger stop.

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