What Lens? redux

kinnon —  February 13, 2006 — 2 Comments

A week ago I wrote a post called What Lens? – a polemical piece of propositional prose on church leadership. (I can’t help myself, I’m alliterate.)

The comments on this post are where the real discussion takes place.. That’s one of the things I most enjoy about the blogosphere – as Darryl Dash puts it, “The image that has stuck with me the most is a front-porch conversation.

I invited some of my blogosphere friends to join me on “my front porch” to comment on What Lens?. Some I’ve met in the physical world – and others only in the world of illuminated pixels. I view them all as important voices, link to them in my Blogs I Read list and want to highlight them here – in the order they commented on the post.

  • Susan Arnold is an Evangelical Covenant Church* Worship Pastor, thinker and Doctoral student at Denver Seminary.
  • Brad Bergfalk is another ECC Pastor, leading a church in Upstate New York. The Kinnon family met Brad and Roxi in Nairobi when we were teaching at Daystar University.
  • Gerry Michalski, aka Soulpastor, is the team leader of a fast-growing church affiliated with the PAOC. Gerry’s blog has some of the most active comment sections I’ve ever seen. He posts once a week – and creates very interesting discussions.
  • John Frye, another ECC pastor, now works primarily as a church consultant and mentor to other pastors worldwide. His series, Jesus the Emergent Pastormay be in the running for best blog series of the year” according to Andrew Jones, The Tall Skini Kiwi. (I’ve used Andrew’s post as it links to the entire series.)
  • If you read my blog, then you should be reading Ed Brenegar’s blogs as well. Ed is a Leadership Consultant and itinerant Presbyterian minister, and has become a blogosphere and email mentor to me. I link to him at least once a week. Ed is a multi-site blogger.
  • Darryl Dash is a great guy to have a bite with (he’s a Toronto based Baptist Pastor and part of the EC conversation) and a challenging blogger. And I’ve now mentioned him twice in this post. (He’s also a multi-site blogger.)
  • John Stanko has been a friend of mine for over ten years and was the tour leader on my very first trip to Africa in 1996. He’s one of the funniest and brightest people I know. John has been a pastor, business leader and megachurch administrator. He travels the world helping people discover their purpose. And he’s very good at it.

Me….well I’m just your humble servant trying to make the most sense I can out of this life we are all living. And I’m happy to point you at some folk who may have a little more understanding as we journey together. Make a point of visiting and subscribing to their thoughts via RSS.

*The ECC got some interesting recent SuperBowl press when the wife of the Seahawk’s coach missed the SuperBowl while being on an ECC mission trip. It almost had me rooting for the Seahawks. But my Pittsburgh “family” would have been very upset with me.

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

2 responses to What Lens? redux

  1. Frontporch … good image. Our local radio talk show afflicter of the comfortable uses it as his way of setting the conversation setting.

    And, truth be told, we mentor each other. Not only is that characteristic of the blogosphere, but of the church as well. I love the servant leadership notion of primus inter pares, first among equals. The essential leader for the moment rises up to lead. And this is what I find to be the case in many of these settings that are basically volunteer networks of people.

  2. I think I first saw Jordon Cooper use the front porch image. I liked it so I stole it…of course maybe he stole it too! 😉


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