Wow! This Blog’s First Birthday

kinnon —  February 22, 2006 — 4 Comments

Firstbirthdaycake-1It’s been a year.

achievable ends has been up for a year and a day!

  • 550 posts.
  • 10s of thousands of hits.
  • 100s of comments.

It’s been a very interesting year. A full-bandwidth experience. With incredible highs and…

Thanks for being a part of it!

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

4 responses to Wow! This Blog’s First Birthday

  1. Congratulations!

  2. I’m glad you’re here!
    Happy blurthday!


  3. Thanks Kim and Susan.
    “Blurthday” – that works for me!

  4. A VERY belated Happy Blogversary! Sorry I missed posting this on the day it happened…. Long may you blogon.


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