Amazon Steps Up to the Storage Plate

kinnon —  March 14, 2006 — Leave a comment

Will we be forgetting Google’s rumored G-Drive storage?

Michael Arrington reveals the new Amazon S3 storage facility.

Pricing is cheaper than anything else I’ve seen: $0.15 per GB of storage per month, and $0.20 for each GB of data transferred up or downstream. This translates to $15 per month for 100 GB of storage, net of any transfer fees (to move that much data on to S3 would be a one time cost of $20).

Nik Cubrilovic, occasional TechCrunch guest blogger and founder of storage startup OmniDrive comments on Michael’s post;

Mike you can’t compare this to what your #1 request was, or the other services that have been profiled on Techcrunch because what Amazon have released is nothing more than a hard drive with an API at a good price – you can use it to send it your data but only if you are willing to craft your own REST requests.

Discussion aside, on-line storage is available or coming from a lot of different players. (.Mac, Amazon, Google and smaller players like OmniDrive.) Which leads back to my posts about whether the OS really matters. With on-line apps & on-line storage – what difference will the OS make in the long run?

As an example: Check out Goowy for email and calendar – I’m playing with it right now. I’m not sure I’d use it as my main email client without knowing the company has strong financial backing – but it is a very cool app. Let’s see if it gets purchased by one of the big players.

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