American Inventor Idol

kinnon —  March 14, 2006 — 2 Comments


Fortune’s Innovation Insider blog reports on an upcoming ABC series, American Inventor from the folk who brought us American Idol. (ABC hopes a little of Fox’s Idol magic will rub off on them.)

Petrock-BrownNow the show isn’t looking for anything that will change people’s lives – unless of course your life was changed by your Pet Rock, Beanie Baby or Cabbage Patch Doll. They’re looking for the next retail phenomenon.

Simon Cowell is producing so be assured there’ll be a judge saying something like, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…”

Innovation Insider’s funniest line, as they end their post:

If this show does well in the all-important Thursday night time slot, look for the sequel on ABC: “Dancing with the Inventors.

The show premieres Thursday @ 9, March 16th.

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2 responses to American Inventor Idol

  1. There are a few good websites for those interested. – great discussions, interesting inventors photo gallery. – not much there yet but looks interesting
    link to really cool discussion about how the whole show is a scam.


  2. please please please send me info on when casting will be for this show and how i can get on it i am THE AMERICAN INVENTOR 12 years ago i invented “THE PUZZLE/BANNER” my product will appeal to all americans all over the world and will literally change the way we give and recieve gifts for every season for every holiday of every year…i believe i have invented the next great thing…


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