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kinnon —  March 1, 2006 — Leave a comment

Video-Ipod-2Our middle teenager, Rylan, took his Christmas and birthday money and bought a Video iPod from the Apple Store after Christmas. He also bought a case to protect his investment – a third party case, but one the Apple Store was selling.

About a week ago, Rylan removed the iPod from the case and noticed the finish was severely marred. (He’d purchased a black version.) He was very unhappy, as Rylan can be a little OCD when it comes to taking care of his stuff. Last week Ry went back to the Apple Store where he was told they couldn’t help him. He needed to contact the case manufacturer. He did. They’re sending him cream that is supposed to help the problem.

So why the kudos? Well, on Monday, Rylan received an email from the Apple Store manager telling him to come in and they would replace his iPod. Rylan was knocked out. So are we. Thanks, Apple. We are already product fans, as you can read almost every where else on this blog (excluding the iPHF, which is still ugly) and now we’ve become Apple customer service fans. Ry also replaced the case with one that treats his “new” Video iPod better.

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