Books: Getting Real & Ambient Findability

kinnon —  March 4, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’m reading two books that at first glance would suggest I’m playing to my geek side – 37Signals’ Getting Real and Ambient Findability by Peter Morville. But both books appeal to a much wider audience.

I love this from the 37Signals book:

Getting Real gets rid of…

  • Timelines that take months or even years
  • Scalability debates
  • Interminable staff meetings
  • The “need” to hire dozens of employees
  • Meaningless version numbers
  • Pristine roadmaps that predict the perfect future
  • Endless preference options
  • Outsourced support
  • Unrealistic user testing
  • Useless paperwork
  • Top-down hierarchy

I’ve highlighted the ones that apply almost anywhere.

I’ll talk about both these books in greater detail in the coming days.

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