Connect2Canada – a Website that Dispels Misinformation

kinnon —  March 8, 2006 — 1 Comment

Sometimes our cousins to the south, when they think about us at all, think the wrong things. They think our borders are porous holes that leak millions of illegal immigrants. (The US has a problem close to 10X worse per capita.) They worry that Canadians supply their kids with the most pot. (Only 2% of US bound marijuana comes from Canada.)

So what do we Canadians do to counteract these misperceptions? Why, we create a website, eh. And we get all the hosers living in the US to visit it to be able to explain the truth about Canada to our American cousins.

Hoser: “Hey buddy, did ya know that a Canadian Brigadier General is in command of all the troops in Kandahar, Afganistan.”
American: “Geez, Bob, would you shut up about Canada, already. I’m trying to watch the game here. And pass me another Molson’s.”

Perhaps we’d have been better off sending the cousins copies of Rick Mercer’s Talking To Americans.

BTW for you folk who don’t get the humour in this piece – Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Our population is over 30,000,000 and we still haven’t legalized staplers.

Read the Globe and Mail article that prompted this post.

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One response to Connect2Canada – a Website that Dispels Misinformation

  1. What a great way to start the day!
    Too funny



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