March Break

kinnon —  March 11, 2006 — 1 Comment

To2FlRoad Trip:
It’s March Break and two of the three Kinnon children and their father are heading south. We pile into the MDX later today and begin our trip to (hopefully) sunny Florida. This is a drive we’ve done numerous times in our family and I’m looking forward to the time together – even while missing Imbi and Liam.

iTunes will be blasting from one of the two iPods accompanying us. I’m hoping I can get one of the two kids to load Spock’s Beard & Neal Morse onto their music player (as Imbi’s and my iPod is staying home with Imbi). I’ve just become a fan.

Posting may be a bit sporadic over the next couple of days. I will be moblogging from my Sony Ericcson S710A. We shall see how well that works.

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  1. I remember doing the drive down to Florida from Cornwall with my dad. We had a great time. The only part of the trip that I hated was the stop in Nashville. I’m not into country at all (this is something that I can only confess at midnight in the relative safety of my living room. I live on the prairies after all).


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