Wither Sony?

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Ps3-Waiting for the PlayStation 3? Hope your used to it…it’s been delayed again. The Economist reports,

After weeks of speculation, Sony confirmed at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday March 15th that it would delay the launch of its long-awaited PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console from “spring” (a deliberately vague target that was widely assumed to mean late May) to November. Ken Kutaragi, the head of Sony’s game division, blamed the delay on the late finalisation of technology standards associated with Blu-ray, a next-generation DVD format in which PS3 games will be delivered.

Back in November I wrote a post about Sony, called A Dying Brand. It was a response to Sony’s bizarre handling of the CD Root-Kit software issue. I wrote:

In the early 90’s, Sony shared the pinnacle of the brand world with Coke and IBM. Coke and IBM are still there. Not Sony. Today it slumps at number 28, having fallen eight places in the last five years. Samsung shines in Sony’s former number 20 position – moving twenty-two places forward in the same timeframe.

Sony has hit a couple of recent homeruns with their Spiderman franchise and the PSP. But a few homeruns only makes you a team like the present Toronto Blue Jays. Sony no longer resembles the World Series brand they once were.

Sony of late has become most adept at stumbling. Areas they used to dominate are now controlled by other more nimble players – Apple morphing the Walkman into the iPod being but one example. At the January CES show in Vegas, the most excitement in the Sony booth was around the Sony-Ericsson phones – and even that response was tepid compared to the response of the crowds thronging Samsung’s booth.

Is Sony the GM of the Electronics Industry?

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