Writely now a Google BETA company

kinnon —  March 9, 2006 — Leave a comment

Writely-1I blogged about Writely here. A killer AJAX based on-line word processor. My daughter uses it regularly for her school assignments. Well, it’s now part of Google. (Visit Writely here.)

With all the talk of Google’s G:Drive on-line storage, and the coming Google Calendar how long will it be until we have Google Desktop available to us anywhere? My posts “Does the OS Matter?” and the follow up “The OS Really Doesn’t Matter” are apropos. (Although they both need some software updates.)

[HT: Om Malik]

UPDATE: For those of you who now may want to try Writely because it’s part of Google, you’re out of luck. For a while, anyway. From the Writely blog:

The Google announcement will undoubtedly generate a lot of interest in Writely — perhaps too much — and we’re committed, on your behalf, to keeping our current service running smoothly. So, while we’re moving Writely to Google’s software architecture, we’re closing off new registrations. Get on the waitlist and we’ll notify you via email when you’ll be able to try out Writely.

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