AOL vs MySpace

kinnon —  April 20, 2006 — 1 Comment

This could be interesting! Michael Arrington reports on AOL rumors of an AIM-based MySpace competitor. And as .mac plugs into AIM, it could be very interesting. Especially considering the design ugliness of MySpace vs the potential design aesthetic of iWeb influenced AIM Pages. (I’m probably dreaming in Technicolor, however.)

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One response to AOL vs MySpace

  1. Its true that looking at MySpace profiles generally will make your eyes bleed, but there are a few exceptions. Mike Davidson has come up with a snappy CSS layout to hide MySpace’s inherent ugliness. Hes providing all the code, so with a bit of tweaking and some time spent in photoshop, anyone can have a more tasteful looking MySpace account. We can only hope that many people use his code and make MySpace a safe place for those of us who apreciate design.


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