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The Beeb began in 1922, and in spite of her 84 years, she still has a few surprises in her. Innovation Insider tells the story of the BBC getting the MySpace bug.

According to The Guardian, that means more user-generated content in the form of blogs and videos and a brand new online architecture based around the three concepts of “share,” “find,” and “play.” With that in mind, the BBC also plans to put its entire programme catalogue online (starting tomorrow) for the first time in written archive form, as an “experimental prototype”, and rebrand MyBBCPlayer as BBC iPlayer.

Bbc2.0-1Ashleigh Highfield, BBC Director of New Media and Technology, in the Guardian article, dubbed the MySpace influenced Beeb, 2.0.

Mr Highfield’s presentation, Beyond Broadcast, outlined a three-pronged approach to refocus all future BBC digital output and services around three concepts – “share”, “find” and “play”.

Mr Highfield said the share concept would allow users to “create your own space and to build around you”, encouraging them to launch ther own blogs and post home videos on the site.

The BBC is also running a competition to revamp the 2.0 website, asking the public to redesign the homepage to “exploit the fuctionality and usability of services such as Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Wikipedia”.

Om Malik’s not impressed

Its betting the farm on user generated content – blogs, videos and what not. Something tells me, this is going to get a lot of attention. I just simply want a damn good, and reliable news source, which BBC used to me, before it got the “forgetting-your-core-competency” disease.

I think the Beeb is wise enough to recognize that the days of traditional media are over. Its own experience with last year’s London Bombings and the content from average people on the scene – helped it realize the importance of citizen content.

How it manages and links that content will be critical to its viability as a Web 2.0 media resource.

I’m actually excited by the potential of a properly catalogued, citizen media enhanced, BBC site. Time will tell.

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