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kinnon —  April 8, 2006 — 4 Comments

I’m working on my post/essay, the Generous Web – which was motivated by Doc Searls, as I commented here and also by the discussion around Tara Hunt’s Pinko Marketing. The post was originally going to be called Doc Searls and Sayo Ajiboye, Part Two.

As you can see from the Mind Map below, it’s become a lot more involved and a lot harder to write. With the McLaren event tonight – it’s not going to happen today – it will be tomorrow evening at the earliest.

I did go out for a nice long walk south of St. Clair between Christie and Dufferin on a beautiful sunny day in Toronto, and it helped me better formulate my thoughts. (With Bruce Hornsby & U2 blasting on my iPod.) But the essay is going to take longer to write.

Generous Web1

I have updated the NovaMind mindmap. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Like how do you get Osteen, Rand, Sierra and Searls in the same essay? (The graphic will open up to a larger, readable version.)

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4 responses to Blogging about the Generous Web

  1. Some questions …
    1. What do the colors signify? There are obviously four quadrants. Can each be reduced to a particular idea or meme?

    2. Is this about the relationships that people have within a web/online context and in a spiritual/church context? What about neighborhood and business contexts? Are they in there?

    3. Each person represents some idea, a description, possibly a prescription, and value to be affirmed. Do they also represent a particular course of action as well?

    4. Is the map the demarcation line between the old world of the 20th century and the new world of the 21st? It would appear that two broad categories are linked together, relationships in community and the ubiquiosity of the web relationship environment. One of the questions that I keep asking is whether we have to dumb down our notions of community in order to classify online communities as a real community.

    Blessed Palms Sunday to the Kinnons.

  2. Interesting. Must get one of these mind mapping software tools.

    You might be interested in this I just wrote.

    link to


  3. Dave,
    Its a very good post – and I will link to it when I finally write the essay.
    As usual – you’ve forced me to think more – and write less. Which may not be a bad thing.

  4. Pkease don’t write less. Write more. It is how we think, how we engage other people. As long we understand that our thinking is for other people, and not for our own ego, it is important. The more you write, the more I want to know more about what you are thinking.
    Go for it.


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