Cold Virii vs Computer bugs

kinnon —  April 30, 2006 — 1 Comment

Would that I had something substantive to blog. No joy. This has been a weekend where my favourite position has been in bed, under the covers. When I’ve been up, I’ve been working on the video projects I need to get cut before I leave for Africa.

Oh right. I haven’t mentioned that Imbi and I are off to Kenya in late May for a month. We are volunteer teaching at Daystar University where we’ve been a number of times before. I’m excited about returning to one of my most loved parts of the world – and also freaking out about getting these projects done.

I’m working with a new (loaner) editing system and have been having a number of software issues. I won’t mention the platform – other than to say it doesn’t run on my favourite OS. I’ve had too many crashes on this system and I’m really missing my normal platform. But I will quit whining now.

Cold-FX seems to be having an impact on the cold virus and although I still feel stuffed up and groggy, I’m better than yesterday – and hopefully much better tomorrow. Please drop back then. You’re also welcome to wander through the archives. (There’s even some handy links on the right to some of my better posts.)

And if you’re wanting to read some purpose-filled postsvisit my friend, John Stanko.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!


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