Off Shooting (Camera not Gun)

kinnon —  April 5, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’m spending the next two days with one of my favourite cameramen, Jim Aquila. Jim and I have worked together since 1981 on all kinds of projects… with all kinds of clients. This is our first HD project together with most of it being shot with’s Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera. I’ve been impressed with the camera so far – and begin editing footage from it next week. (I’m looking forward to playing with the Panasonic P2 camera, the HVX200 in the next couple of weeks.)

That being said, my blogging will be a little light for the next couple of days. Although I am working on a post that includes this interesting cast of characters; Doc Searles, Sayo Ajiboye, Tara Hunt, Kathy Sierra, Robert Scoble, Bill Gates, Jesus Christ and Joel Osteen. The post is on the Generous Web. Stay tuned.

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One response to Off Shooting (Camera not Gun)

  1. You’ve got my interest!

    Go, shoot and hurry back. I want to read THAT post.


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