Our first Mac…

kinnon —  April 3, 2006 — 1 Comment

Mac512…was a 512, which we never actually purchased.

We got it as partial payment for work, 120 days after we’d billed a production job.

‘Twas a cute little thing we only kept around briefly.

Pb165CI didn’t begin drinking the Koolaid until I got my PowerBook 165c.

Followed by a Ti400 (which Imbi now uses) and my present PB 15″ Aluminum. Our eldest has just purchased a 12″ PB and is madly in love.

Happy 30th Apple!

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One response to Our first Mac…

  1. Ohh! cool!

    I just got one at work. They are moving me to doing some backup graphics work for belt-sleeves (I work at the Gates Corporation)and so I now have a nice Mac on my desk. Makes my PC look pretty sorry. haha.



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