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After having been a happy ecto user I’ve decided to try out Qumana. Not because I’m unhappy with ecto on a Mac. I am, however, unhappy with having recommended ecto to PC users only to discover that it is nothing like the Mac version. In fact, I’m surprised it shares the same name as the Mac program, as they are nothing a like.

There are certain things I prefer about the Mac version of ecto – the Technorati tag list, the preview function, how it handles trackbacks, Amazon links and images. But Qumana has it over ecto in terms of the software similarities on PC & Mac.

I spend too much time helping other people begin blogging and need cross platform tools that I can trust. Qumana appears to be one of them. (I will, however, continue to use ecto for my own blog.)

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4 responses to Qumana

  1. Hey there,

    I wrote a few reviews of Desktop Clients for Windows here and came up with one that I felt is better the Qumana.

    You can check out my posts here

  2. Hey there Bill,

    I read Dan’s post above and was intrigued so I downloaded the Zoundry “Blog Writer”.  Maybe if I ever start writing posts instead of fooling around with where and how I am going to write my posts all would be well.  Guess this gives me an opportunity to run Zoundry and Qumana side by side and see where the chips fall.

     That ad generating any revenue yet?


  3. I’ll be honest, Qumana did weird things to my TypePad space.

    BUT! I’ve fallen in love with Ecto on my Mac.

    If you know of a way to embed a frame into a blog entry with Ecto, lemme know!

  4. Hi .. Jon Husband here, from Qumana. Thanks for trying it out, and I appreciate your comment regarding the cross-platform capabilities. And of course we appreciate being seen to be even in the same ball park as Ecto’s strong capabilities on the Mac.

    I would be interested in learning more about what Qumana did in terms of “weird things” to Blueberry’s Typepad space (if she or he returns to this comment space). We are on a quest for continual improvement, and would like to know if there is something specific we can improve or repair …


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