Sitting @ Airport

kinnon —  April 21, 2006 — 3 Comments

Imbi and I are enroute to Austin for a Wizard Academy weekend. I will be blogging from there. Stay tuned. Moblogged from my S710A phone.



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3 responses to Sitting @ Airport

  1. Envious, have wanted to visit the Wizard for years. Have a great time! Will especially be interested in what you see and learn.

  2. Same here Michael. Maybe we could have a uniting of the bloggers in Austin sometime. It’s not a difficult trip for me. About $70 each way via Southwest.

  3. DUST brother and Michael,

    Would love to hang with both of you here in beautiful Austin. Just got into our hotel. Plugged the Airport Express into their wired internet setup – and I’m answering emails and blog comments.

    You both need to do a Wizard Academy seminar. The advantage to doing one like this weekend is that once you attended one course – all other courses are half price. And their value is immeasurable. 


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