The Promise of Spring

kinnon —  April 10, 2006 — 1 Comment

After a rather unproductive participation in a “blog conversation” (prompting the previous post), I wandered out on the streets of my fair city to clear my head – Caedmon’s Call cranked on the iPod. I don’t doubt that it looks rather goofy for a 50 year old to wander the streets with Sennheiser headphones covering his ears – but I really don’t care (or perhaps I care a little to comment on it…vanity of vanities.)

Toronto is in the process of exploding with spring. Buds are about to burst. Flowers push forth their blooms from the once frozen earth. It’s wonderful! Here are a couple of shots from my S710a phone. Spring, glorious spring.


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  1. You shot this with a PHONE? Wow, this is an amazing picture with a camera, but with a PHONE? Wow, truly amazing! Thanks for sharing it!


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