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Darryl Dash, a friend, blogger and pastor in the former ‘burb known as Etobicoke (the k and e are silent) has two good new posts. One is What’s bad about the Emerging Church – the yin to his previous yang of What’s good about the Emerging Church.

Let me make a prediction: those who visit here who are sympathetic to the emerging church may disagree with me on some of those points, but they will welcome critique. That shouldn’t be missed. I have found that my emerging friends are actually open to admitting where the emerging church still has room to grow, especially if the critiques are offered in a spirit of generosity rather than of attack.

Darryl is one of the most thoughtful and gracious thinkers on the subject of the Emerging Church…in fact, on the subject of the present state of Christianity in a post modern world, period.

The end of Christendom is also not all negative. Even if the Church has been pushed to the margins, the gospel has not lost its power or relevance. The gospel, not our position within Canadian culture, gives me hope.

I could be wrong, but I doubt the trend toward post-Christendom will be reversed in Canada. The question then becomes: How do we live as the Church of Jesus Christ in a post-Christendom culture? This question defies easy answers, but it is the question that needs to dominate our thinking.

The end of Christendom is an opportunity for the Church to go back to its roots and rediscover what it means to be the Church in a pagan culture.

This is from Darryl’s 2nd ChristianWeek column, posted on his blog today.

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