What If It Was Just a Phone?

kinnon —  April 17, 2006 — 3 Comments

JustaphoneWhat if you just wanted to make phone calls and receive them. No cameras, No calendars. No Mp3 players. No forty different ring tones. No 30 menus to navigate. With buttons that say “Yes” and “No” (rather than some hieroglyphic symbol designed by a half-caf-mocha-soy-latte drinking Californian graphic misdesigner). Just a phone. That simple.

Kind of a Getting Real approach to designing a phone:

Getting real is less. Less mass, less software, less features, less paperwork, less of everything that’s not essential (and most of what you think is essential actually isn’t).

The Jitterbug phone might be a good example of this approach. Jitterbug is a partnership between GreatCall and Samsung with a commitment to building:

a streamlined cell phone that comes to you with only the features and services you want.

  • Buttons are bigger and bright
  • Screens are easy-to-read
  • Sound is loud and clear
  • Easy-to-retrieve voice messages
  • A courteous Jitterbug operator at your service 24 hours a day
  • Update the features on your phone from your own secure Jitterbug webpage or call us and we’ll do it for you.

Now, this won’t be the phone for technology-addicted me – but it will be for tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people who want simple, easy to use phones – simply to communicate by voice! With the exploding Boomer market (those who aren’t addicted to Crackberrys), this less-is-more phone will be a huge hit.

[via: BoomerProject’s Matt Thornhill, who still doesn’t have a blog]

UPDATE: Check out Om Malik’s post on Make That Device Simple. Simple must be in the air today. At least in SF and Toronto.

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3 responses to What If It Was Just a Phone?

  1. Hmmm, with benefits like “Buttons are bigger and bright, Screens are easy-to-read, Sound is loud and clear”, it sounds like something for the aging boomer 🙂 btw, Happy Easter

  2. Garry,
    My point exactly. And with the boomer market being a multi-trillion dollar size – there’s lots of room for a simple phone that doesn’t require reading glasses and nimble fingers to use. (Not for me, of course.)
    Happy Easter back at you.

  3. I have a simple phone, a LG VX3100, for that very reason. You know, a phone that doesn’t plug into the wall.

    Took almost an hour to get the verizon guy to understand this concept.

    As it is the manual is three times bigger than the phone, and it still has way too many features. The biggest reason for having a phone is to Make calls, not to spend my life waiting for the phone to ring…….


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