A Networked Conspiracy

kinnon —  May 23, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’ve been finishing off production on my audio book while here in a rather wet UK . The book (with an enclosed print copy along with the CD) will be released a little later in the summer.

Rylan and I recorded the audio last week in Toronto. I did some minor editing (after Ry did 90% of the editing in Steinberg Nuendo – where he recorded my narration) in Bias Peak 5 and then added music created in Sonicfire Pro in Garageband.

The book is being published by Wizard Academy Press. From the back cover of the book:

Conspire, from the latin “conspirare,” means literally to “breath together.” This book is about the Church learning to breath together the Kingdom of God – using the ubiquity of the internet to release the power of the church’s collective intelligence.

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