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kinnon —  May 10, 2006 — 1 Comment

When I first began editing non-linear video (on a Media100 system) back in the last millenium, two 9GB SCSI cost me over $10,000 and I had to be careful how much material I brought into the computer – so as not fill the drives. One would think I would have learned good drive management skills. Well, one would be wrong.

I’m working on a seven minute video. I’ve shot a lot of footage and have created a lot of graphics. I have 1.1TB (that’s terabytes, kids) of storage so you’d think I’d have lots of room. Think again. I’m working in HD – which makes for rather large files. And today I had to remove a bunch of footage – just to make room for more graphics. Which leads me to the question, when will I ever have enough drive space?

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    My friend Bill Kinnon is lamenting the fact that even a 1.1 terabyte hard drive is no longer enough to store all of his video files (he does television production).
    HD television bumps up the demand. Well see where that leads the supply chain.

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