NT Wright in Toronto

kinnon —  May 10, 2006 — 2 Comments

The Bishop of Durham is in Toronto this week at Refresh, a Wycliffe College sponsored event focused on the Power of the Holy Spirit. Last night he hung out with 150 of us at Empire Remixed at the Revival Pub. He even grabbed a guitar and played Blowing in the Wind – an amusing moment, if not necessarily inspiring.

The inspiration came in his answers to questions from his long time friend, Brian Walsh (co-author of Colossians Remixed). He tackled political issues, the importance of the arts, the warped theology of Left Behind and more. He spoke of his love for Christ that began as a child, his faith rooted in a love for the scriptures and his sense that orthodox Christianity is the only answer for the world. He answered questions from the crowd and had us laughing as well as listening intently. One of his funniest lines was his opening response to a question, “in my humble and accurate opinion…”

Imbi and Liam have just returned from hearing him tonight (I’ve had to work) and perhaps they will fill us all in on what he had to say. I’ll let you know. (Check out this shot of Liam with Jon Harris from the Empire Remixed Event.)

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2 responses to NT Wright in Toronto

  1. “in my humble and accurate opinion…” will this give birth to a new Internet shorthand? IMHAAO

    Always learn something helpful for you generous spirit and shared wisdom.

    Thanks for extending the conversation!

  2. Always a pleasure, Michael, in my humble and accurate opinion.


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